[News] IU to take up her first movie OST challenge for 'Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild'

Female diva IU is taking up her first movie theme song challenge in her lifetime. The movie 'Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild' is an animated movie that tells the story of a hen stepping out of her comfort zone into the new world, accompanied by a mallard. Through animation, the movie showcases their courage to take up the challenge in order to achieve their dreams and freedom.

The movie theme song, which is about the thrill of taking up this challenge, requires one to express great depth of character and sensitivity, as well as a wide register. Hence, IU's explosive vocals were chosen as the ideal option for meeting these criteria most satisfactorily.

Animation production company, Myung Film, expressed, "If IU sings the movie OST, the movie's theme will be expressed well."

The theme song uses orchestra music to achieve a balance between a grand tune and a refined melody. It was composed by Lee Ji Soo, a well-known music director for his works in 'Old Boy', 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance', and other movie OSTs and the lyrics were written by Kim Lee Na, IU's lyricist for 'Good Day', 'Nagging', and other songs.

This collaboration between the best talents in composing, lyricwriting and vocals came true during their recording at a Gangnam studio in March. Inserting this movie OST, a combination of IU's powerful vocals with the best production crew, into the final scene of the movie, is likely to produce an ending many times more touching.

The movie will be simultaneously released in both Korea and China, with actors Moon So Ri and Yoo Seung Ho doing voiceover for Leafie and the baby mallard respectively. On April 21, IU will be performing the movie OST together with a 15-member orchestra, during the production briefing at Kumho Art Hall at 11am.

Credit: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Sources: Hancinema, mk and asia today via nate