[News] IU “I Had an Inferiority Complex about My Look”

IU surprised many, revealing that she had an inferiority complex about her look.

IU, appearing on “Goldfish – Radio star” aired on the 6th, played the guitar and sang “Video Killed the Radio Star” a song by the Buggles.

IU explained that “this is the song that I sang as Pil-Suk in Dream High, the soap opera I recently appeared in. In the play, Pil-Suk sings well but could not really dream about becoming a singer because of her inferiority complex about her look. This is the song she sang as she was on her diet.”

She continued, “as I sang this song, I thought that I would rather remain as a radio star even though that might mean I will be less popular.”

When MC Kim Gu Ra asked whether she had negatively thought of her appearance, she revealed that “to be honest, I felt inferior while I went about auditioning.”

On the other hand, the singer Lee Jung and Park Wan Gyu also appeared on ‘Radio Star’ while on ‘Murupak Dosa’, Kim Tae Won from the band ‘Bu-Hwal’ told his life stories full of ups and downs, continuing from last week.

By Yun Bo Ra (bora@jtn.co.kr)
Source: JTN News

Photo from JTN News

Translated by Yesul Kwak / Korea.com

(Source: luv-iu)