[News] IU agrees that she looks like Comedian Shin Bongsun

On a recent recording of KBS Happy Together 3, they discussed a topic which has been brought up a lot. It's the public opinion of IU is Shin Bongsun's lookalike.

To this, IU agreed that she resembles Shin Bongsun. She said, "My fans are all calling me Shin Bongsun 2 now. Even I think I that we look alike!"

Shin Bongsun replied, "When my mother saw IU on television programmes, she said that IU looks exactly like my aunt when she was young."

Another MC of Happy Together, "Yoo Jaesuk" was apparently struck speechless by Shin Bongsun's remark and said, "I absolutely cannot acknowledge that."

He was very shocked and agitated that it is said that filming was even suspended midway.

Comedian Kim Junho, who was also invited on the show, denied the claim vehemently, "Shin Bongsun is known amongst comedians for resembling animals like frogs and gorillas. There is no way she looks like IU."

*(Fyi: Shin Bongsun is a Comedian, also one of the MC for KBS "Happy Together")

Source: My Daily
Translated by: vannie@dkpopnews