[NEWS] “Festival” to begin filming end of April

MBC summer drama “Festival” (working title) will start filming this month.

The drama, which will be aired after “The Best Love” ends its broadcast (June 2011), is directed by PD Pyo Min Soo. With an arts university as its setting (Seoul Institute of Arts), “Festival” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of young university students chasing their dreams.

Festival’s young and energetic cast includes Jung Yonghwa (CNBlue), who will star as Lee Shin, a student majoring in modern music; Kang Minhyuk (CNBlue) will star as Lee Shin‘s best friend Yeo Jun Hui and actress Park Shin Hye will star as Lee Kyo Won, a traditional music student as well as Lee Shin‘s love interest.

” I believe that the drama, which focuses on young people on a university campus, will give people a refreshing and pleasant viewing experience. Please give it a lot of support,” PD Pyo Min Soo expressed.

Casting and auditions will be done by the 2nd week of April and full-fledged filming will start in late April.

Source: Asiae News Kr
Credit : Shinhye.org