[News] DongA Interview with Chi-Chi

- Plastic surgery? Is it allowed in your contract?

"Plastic surgery is rejected in our contract. We have a really natural beauty concept.

The rookie girl group CHI-CHI formed by Nara, Boreum, A-zi, Ji-U, Peach, Semi, Sui. The avarage of age of the group is around 16-19 years old. 

"We have the power of using our natural beauty. When we sign our contract with the agency, the plastic surgery issue was discused and we are not allowed to have it, and we don't want it or need it. Personally we all love our body and face, why changing our natural beauty to a fake one?" (All)

But this girls commited a big mistake, instead of using stetic surgery, they decided to use a drastic diet of eating cabbage and a sip of water for 365 days.

"We only eated cabbage and a sip of water, and run and go to the gym every time we could spend there. Until the agency began to worry about our condition." (Peach)

Ambitious CHI-CHI manager Choi JY
The amazing sound of "Don't Play Around" was produced and composed by the famous Choi JY. An ambitious manger, and current manager of CHI-CHI.

The addictive chorus of the song "Why to flirt? I just hate it, Break you down" Is just catchy and edge-style and really charming indeed.

"Our group name is based on Creative House Idol, we have a fresh image, and we have different charms." (Nara)

For their debut on 'Music Bank' was hard for the girls not to tear up in stage.

"Preparing our debut wasn't easy. We took many singing and dancing lessons, we stayed up late to practice more. We really want to show the best in us" (All)

The perfection of a dream-girl on stage
- Tell us your testimony of your debut
"We took many time for our debut. We were really nervous about making a mistake on stage, on the music video, singing, dancing, we were really nervous, we are not the first rookie girl group to debut, we have much to work on. When you have all the audience there and no one cheering you up is quite hard, it makes you more nervous" (All)

- How's a daily life? How much do you practice?
"We have a trainee life of more than 2 years. Practice time is usually in the morning to night, but we have time to go out and eat, vocal training, and we have time to rest a bit. But we really practice a lot we only have time for that" (Peach).

- How's the life of the CHI-CHI members in the house?
"There are four rooms, we need to share it, we love being roommies and sharing the same roof. Peach and Sui share one room, Semi and A-ji share rooms too." (Ji-U)

- Starving for a debut, why doing that?
"We wanted to look perfect, like dolls for our debut. But we were putting our health in danger. So the company and the boss stoped us and asked us to stop doing that. Our weight was our biggest concern." (Ji-U)

"Later as soon the weight pression was gone, we decided to stop it, how much do we wanted to lose? Weight? or live?. We went to Dosan Park, we eat some sausages, and stop worrying much about weight. I used to go to that park with my friends, it was good being there" (Nara)

- When you said you wanted to debut as singers, your parents were OK with it?
"We didn't have any oppsition, they were really supportive" (Nara, Aji, Semi, Sui, Boreum and Peach)

"While being a junior high student, they really didn't supported me, they wanted me to study something else, but when they notice I was really interested about it they began to accept it. Now they are my biggest support." (Ji-U)

- During your showcase, last time you mention you were the rivals of SNSD, is that right?
"We never meant to say we were rivals, they are our role-models, we want to become a strong group like them, having really supportive fans. The media exagerate the comment. Thanks to them we earn anti-fans." (Nara)

"Girls Generations are not only the best girl group in Korea or Asia but in the world, but we want to become like them, we don't want to be rivals" (Boreum)

- We have heard you are really great with Japanese language
"No, I'm not really great, I'm still studying really hard to understand the language. The agency wants us to promote there too, but not sure when that's happening" (Nara)

Rather than eating cabbage for looking like plastic-girls. They are full of charms
"In your singer days, that have just began, what you promise to do?"
- We dare us to be wonderful every day (Aji)

-Never lacking much while during our work (Ji-U)

- The glorious feeling when we practice really hard and we get what we deserved and wished for (All)

"Tell us about your song, choreography"

- When we got the song. We really needed to practice the choreography and the song lyrics a lot before debuting and before going to stage. Nowdays we only practice the choreography for some minutes. (Nara & Sui)

- We have non-stop 3 or 4 hours of practicing, we really practice really hard. Even when during our lives we are only running around, dancing and singing, an there's silence, we know one day someone will cheer for us. (Boreum & Aji)

- I have a weird way to vocalize. I do yoga, I breath, hold it, and I keep doing it, and I sing in escale, it really works for me. (Ji-U)

"Some new girl groups songs time are around 3 - 5 months, this is something really controversial"

- Singing a song of 3 or 5 minutes don't show how active that group is going to be. All the members have time for showing their charms in the music video. Anyone can sing the duration they desire, but the good singers even with 1 seconds, can show their potential. I wished the viewers and media would give an opportunitie to it, and don't notice about duration of songs!" (Boreum, Ji-U, Nara)

"Being a rookie, what are your inner thoughts"

Many members nowdays, are becoming hot issue, thanks to the great demand of girl groups. Many have debuted this year, many of them have been waiting for their debut, like Chi-Chi and Rania.

"The exposure of the choreography is great, what do you think?
- We wanted to keep it easy and nice to show what we can do. I think we are like a great team, and we really know how to make it work. (Boreum, Ji-U & Nara)

"How does it feel when people said Sui was the resemblance of a senior"

- For me it was an honour, she's my senior, but I was feeling really great when people said that. (Sui)

"Rewarding to being school students, now that you've debuted what have it changed about?"
- We don't really have all the free-time we used to have. We can't really have time for our friends. Now that school-days are over and stage days are here, it's harder for us to chat with our friends, to call them or even going out with them. (Sui & Boreum)

"Do you have a senior in the bussines who supports you?"
- Yes, Hong Soo Ah, she's really supporting us a lot.(Nara)

- Tony, one of our seniors, when I walk in the hallways and he's around there, he asked me to work really hard with the girls. (A-zi)

"Are there any seniors you want them to cheer for you"

- G-Drangon from Big Bang (Semi)

- Nickhun (Boreum)

"Not so long ago Hong Soo Ah, performed with you"

- During a baseball opening, wich is different from stage, I was really scared that day (Ji-U)

- Broadcasting to baseball openings are really different, you have 360° and people staring at you. I was so embarrased if I made any mistake. (A-Zi)

Singers also give up for love for their dreams
"There are many nice guys around. Are you interested in having a boyfriend?

- No boyfriends. We don't have time for it. (All)

- We are going to focus in our dream for now. I don't think my cellphone is ready for romantic chats. (Nara)

- They can get lost in debuts too. (Laugh) (Ji-U)

- If we have a boyfriend, you will know. It will not be a rumor. (Semi)

"You have any ideal-type?"

- I would love him to be really fun to be, respectfull, interesting. And share the word with me" (Nara)

- Can focus only on me (Semi)

- Really manly, I really love that type of guys. (Sui)

- Someone like a member of TVXQ. Caring about you (Ji-U)

- Nickhun (Boreum)

- A man with leadership (Peach)

"Any role-models for Chi-Chi?"

- Girls Generation, we really admire them. We really want to follow them, they are really strong and they're like a family, we want to be a group like them. We really hope we can met them one day, and give us some tips on dancing and singing, we really love them and admire them. We never want to be rivals, we want to be friends.

- We respect all our seniors, we also admire Lee HyoRi senior, she's really great and knows how to dominate the stage. We want to learn from our seniors, she's really sexy, she knows all about fashion, our Girl Generation's seniors are really succesful in Japan, they are our role-model.

"Aspirations as singers?"

- I really want us to become great singers. We hope to be really succesful this year. Every member be really succesful and healthu (Nara)

- I want to be multi-player. I want to sing, dance, be on variety shows, MC-ing. I also would love to learn to write songs.(Ji-u)

- Versatil singer, to be able to stay in the entairtaiment bussiness. (All)

"Anything you would like to say to the reporter?"

Thank you. Later on stage, please take really pretty pictures and videos of us. We all came out really pretty in the photos you take, only please, notice each member, we all have our charms. Please don't kill us for this. (All)

"Finally a word for friends"

- Thank you so much for your love. We debuted just a month ago, we never imagine to have many fans, we have both fans, anti and great fans. Please wait for our comeback. Thank you. (All)

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