[News] Debuted for 2000 days, SJ Japan album pre-orders reaches first place

28th is SJ’s 2000 days after debut. Debuting in 2005 with their first album , followed by and , among other songs that were in the rage in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia as well as other Asian countries showed that SJ is indeed one group with high popularity that is able to make it to such an important day of their career. As most groups too tend to split up after 5 years, and this is adds to yet another meaning towards the 2000 days after the debut of SJ.

To celebrate this day, fans will be listening to SJ albums and compiling all SJ related photos into a video, while wishing the members on their Twitter, Cyworld and Mini.

Apart from the 2000 days celebration, Japan’s TOWER RECORDS has revealed that the pre-order of is currently ranked first. This song will be for the Japan release of the 4th album , and will also be SJ first single album to be released in Japan. After being absent from activities in Japan apart from “SM TOWN LIVE’ and The Asian Tour “Super Show”, fans there are still not deterred, showing their support by getting the pre-orders in the first position.

SJ is currently doing much promotional activities in China, and the Japanese version of will be released on the 8th of June

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Source: Chosun