[News] Dalshabet Serri, a Jessica-Sunye-Hyuna look-a-like?

Dal★shabet Serri is an SNSD Jessica, Wonder Girls Sunye and 4minute Hyuna look a like. 

On April 21, Serri stated in KBS 2TV 'Happy Together 3' that she heard a lot from others that she resembles a lot of idols especially Wonder Girls' Sunye. But Park Myungsoo noticed her resemblance with 4minute's Hyuna.

After the episode was broadcasted, netizens reacted saying "Somehow, somewhere, it is", "I think she looks like Soshi Jessica", "Her face seems to be a mixture of a lot of idols", "Really resembles" 

source: Star Today
posted by: ohdugeun @Dal★shabet LOVE
translated by: ohdugeun @Dal★shabet LOVE