[News] Dalmatian Daniel, Heechul and Jisu are Rania's fans?

Dalmatian’s Daniel and Jisu recently appeared on Heechul’s radio program “Young Street“, and the three bonded while talking about rookie group Rania.

Heechul first started the conversation by asking the two, “So what group do you guys think is good these days?” Daniel shyly asked, “Girl groups?” and then went on to say,”These days I think…” – unfortunately, he was cut off by DJ Heechul. He confidently blurted out, “Rania.” The three boys then fist-bumped each other joyfully after finding out that they were all Rania fanboys.

Daniel and Jisu even sang a part of “Dr. Feel Good“. Heechul commented, “They’re very powerful. I like ‘cool’ things and they have one distinct concept so I like them.”

Heechul, Daniel, and Jeesu fistbump when RaNia is mentioned, sing DR FEEL GOOD

what a good start Rania!!! even they love you :)

cr: soompi