[News] BEAST maknae Dongwoon and A Pink maknae Hayoung are certified siblings?

A Pink and B2ST's maknaes revealed a cute cute selca.

On the 22nd, on Twitter, Doojoon posted a picture of him and A Pink's maknae, Hayoung. "A Pink and B2ST brother and sister" was shown through the photos. The busy-like atmosphere, especially the sleeping man in the background, caused laughter from Netizens.

The pure-like feeling that Hayoung gave off - with her long, sleek hair, cute nose and small lips all added to the already exotic feel of the picture.

"A Pink Hayoung, very 'foreign' like me...both of us are very beautiful right, haha," Doojoon laughed after he released the picture. 

Netizens commented, "Very strange looking" "The man in the background is funny" "They look like brother and sister" "How pretty" "B2ST and A Pink love?!"

Translated by Sungmin || Source - HK News || Take out with full credits