[NEWS] Beast, the first official founding of ‘B2UTY’ fanclub!

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Beast held their first official fanclub founding and fanmeeting on the 2nd of April.

On this day, Beast held the founding of B2UTY fanclub and fanmeeting at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium, meeting with around 5000 local and overseas fans.

Previously, Beast members had conveyed to their fans through SNS, ” We want to meet with B2UTYS as fast as possible, “We are prepared to have fun with fans like during our concert.” This showed how eager they were to spend some special time with their fans.

Their company stated that Beast wanted this B2UTY fanclub founding and fanmeeting to have the same warm, enthusiastic atmophere like their concert, so the members had personally decided on the event’s stage concept, carefully preparing in order for them to communicate with fans easily through various segments.

An official stated, ” Beast rearranged their schedule to practise hard for this event. This will be a meaningful stage to show Beast’s youthful sincerity.”

Beast who has only debuted for one and a half years has grown to become a top boy group with over 180,000 fans joining their official fancafe.

CREDIT : yangting@mybeastyboys