[News] After School Lizzy talks about her role in Daily Sitcom "All My Love"

Lizzy stated that her character ‘Soon Duk‘ from “All My Love” is just like herself.

She became regular on the sitcom after making a short cameo. Lizzy said, “Since I was a kid, I'm dreaming of acting, and I achieved it by becoming a part on ‘All My Love’. I’ll show everything in the remaining episodes.
She also said, “It hurts when I hear such criticisms saying that I was over-emphasizing my dialect, but ‘Soon Duk’ is just like me. I'm just worried when I talk normally, it tends to be I'm stutter.

Lizzy revealed, “My dream is becoming like Oprah Winfrey. The’spoon kiss’ was the most memorable scene that I made with Doo Joonsunbae.”

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze