[NEWS] After School Ex-member Yoo So Young Shows off Her New Look for Newsen

So Young’s cute and vivacious charm which draws netizens to her was mentioned.
The topic of So Young’s different appearance from when she was in After School was brought up. Questions about plastic surgery were brought up which So Young denied. She maintains she got her new look and figure from healthy diet and exercise while she spent time away from the spotlight.
Discussed how the attention of netizens because of her new look is both pleasant and a burden due to the high expectations for her acting skills. So young is thankful to everyone who is rooting for her and doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. She will do her best and wants to be able to show a “good face” to both fans and netizens and display her confidence.
Source: Newsen + Newsen
Trans. Credit: AfterSchoolDaze