[NEWS] After School E-Young Impressed Netizens with her Past Achievements

E-Young officially debuted in After School late last year but is just recently joining the group in promotions for the upcoming release of their first full length album.
When E-Young’s teaser was released a few days ago it aroused interest in netizens who were drawn in by her soft feminine appearance. Last year interest in E-Young first came about during her electric guitar solo which captured the public’s attention.  In After School’s music video collaboration with Namie Amuro, E-young was only seen a few times but still caught the attention of many netizens due to her childlike but highly praised feminine appearance. A lot of netizens feel After School’s new ‘freshman’ brings a fresh charm that marks a change in the group.
But, E-Young’s appearance is not the biggest reason netizens are drawn to her. Though she may be a new celebrity E-young is by no means a ‘rookie’. She has been involved in different areas of music for years and has a highly impressive and enviable resume.
From 2002 to 2008 some of the contests E-Young has been involved in and a few awards she has received include: National Spirit’s music contest Piano Gold Prize, Youth Festival target, Chuncheon Music Skill Contest Composition No. 1 position, Gangwon Dance Contest Grand Prize, Chuncheon youth singing dancing vocal sector Prize, Soyang Culture Festival Music Awards, Youngage music contest and the Youth Blue Festival Prize are only a few notable mentions.
Armed with over thirty awards before debuting E-Young is well prepared to not only show off what a great singer she is but how wonderful a musician she is as well.

Source: kwnes
Trans: AfterSchoolDaze