[NEWS] 110416 100 Points out of 100 ‘BEAST vs MBLAQ’ fiery dance battle, the winner is?

On ‘100 Points out of 100’ singers BEAST and Mblaq had a dance battle with their group’s pride on the line.

On the show, aired on the 16th, BEAST and Mblaq’s main dancers Lee Kikwang and Lee Joon had a fiery dance battle. On this day, they tried a new game on the show called ‘When you go to 100 points out of 100’ that requires good memory and quick thinking. The participants have to perform an action according to the given theme. The next person has to repeat the previous action and do a new action.

The team members, trying out the show’s new corner showed competitiveness while playing. In the end, from each team, BEAST’s Lee Kikwang and Mblaq’s Lee Joon were the only ones left.

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang is not only the group’s main dancer, but with his outstanding dance skills, he was active as a back dancer and a solo artist. On the other hand, Mblaq’s Lee Joon graduated Seoul Arts High School as a dance major. Both show no slack when it comes to dancing.

For the final round, Lee Kikwang and Lee Joon both chose ‘dance’ as the theme, being most confident with dancing. They both brought out all their dance moves in order to win the game.

Even when they were in a nerve-racking situation, having to memorize the previous actions and execute another action, they both showed no mercy in the competition.

In the game, they both executed dance moves of high skill level such as acrobatics and back flips one after the other, exciting not only the other guests but all the staff members in the studio as well.