[NEWS] 110331 FORBES KOREA Power Celebrity List, ONEDAY

This year's FORBES KOREA Power Celebrity List ranks Korea's top 40 stars using the following factors: the most-searched names on South Korea's Internet portals; the celebs' annual income and donations to charity; number of endorsements; mentions in Korean and international media; and the number of magazine cover appearances. We list the Top 20 below.

1. Girls Generation SINGERS
The 9-member girl group managed by SM Entertainment dominated offline, online music charts, while taking over the silver screen. In 2010 Girls Generation sold over 27,000 albums and appeared in 25 commercials, as well as making appearances on the variety shows of every major network in Korea.

Manchester United player and recently retired captain of the Korean National Football Team, Park was applauded for his top performance in 2010 South Africa World Cup and the Asian Cup. With Man U Park had a record 6 goals last season.

There is no doubt that Yuna Kim was the brightest star in last year's Winter Olympics. After winning the gold she went on to gain 28 endorsement deals, but her break from longtime coach Brian Orser set her back in the rankings for the most sought-after endorsement model.

4. Lee Seung-Gi SINGER
The actor, singer and variety show host raked in trophies from all major networks in 2010. His hit TV drama, My Gumiho, earned bragging rights after hitting average ratings of 21.3%.

The 6-member boy band from JYP Entertainment is famous not only for its performance and catchy tunes but also for the band members' chiseled bodies. Recently members have been receiving much-wanted attention for their acting roles and reality show appearances.

Korea's King of Talk is arguably the most popular man on prime-time TV, but last year the management agency that represented him--and many of the Top 20 celebs--filed for bankruptcy, causing scandal.

Ranked No. 83 in the European Premier League, Lee is currently the midfielder for the Bolton Wanderers. He had 4 goals and 6 assists in last year's Asian Cup and earned approximately 3 billion won.

The 4-member boy band may not have bodies as chiseled as those of their 2PM boy band counterparts, but their harmonious melodies are as good at warming the hearts of fans across Asia. Leader Jo Kwon has been dominating the variety shows, showing fans that his wit matches his voice.

A member of the Korean national team and Major League Baseball's Cleveland Indians in the U.S., Choo and his teammates won the gold at Guangzhou in 2010, allowing him to be excused from military service.

The wrestler turned TV talk-show host gets high ratings for his prime-time variety shows on all the major networks. Like Yu, he was ensnared in the bankruptcy of the company that previously managed.

11. Lee Hyo-Ri SINGER
Last year was not the best for K-Pop's sexy queen. After taking time off from variety television to concentrate on her fourth album, a major scandal erupted when it was revealed that her composer had plagiarized all 6 songs on the album.

12. Yoon Si-Yoon ACTOR
On the other hand, it was a great year for Yoon, who--after starring in a hit sitcom--went on to more serious material in the prime-time hit drama Kim Takku. He also made his debut on the silver screen in Death Bell 2.

13. Rain SINGER
The world star was busy in 2010. He starred in the TV drama Plan B and also liquidated the assets of his own management company, J Tune Entertainment.

14. Park Chu-Young FOOTBALL PLAYER
The AS Monaco player has recently taken over the position as captain of the national football team. He recently made his seventh goal for AS Monaco.

15. Mina Shin ACTRESS
The leading lady received special accolades for her performance in My Gumiho, and the former fashion model's good looks and talent have led her to be Korea's top celebrity endorser.

16. Super Junior SINGER
Last year the 10-member boy band from SM Entertainment received the Golden Disc Award for their fourth album, which sold over 130,000 copies. Members have been having busy solo careers as well, appearing on variety programs and dramas.

17. Won Bin ACTOR
Leading man in last year's Ajussi, which sold over 600,000 tickets at the box office. The movie heartthrob started a canned-coffee frenzy after appearing in a series of commercials with Mina Shin (No. 15).

18. Hwang Jung-Eum ACTRESS
Like many others, Hwang started off in sitcoms before delving into more serious acting last year in the epic, 60- episode TV drama Giant. Her performance won her an award and several TV endorsements.

19. Kim Hye-Su ACTRESS
The sexy actress and fashion icon made a comeback in the movie 2 Story House. Toward the end of the year she did it again in the TV drama My Happy House. She surprised audiences when her third triumph, a documentary series on network TV, was also a major hit.

20. Ko Hyeon-Jeong ACTRESS
The actress received TV's highest acting award in 2010 for her performance as the first female president in Dae-Mool. She went on to take on several TV commercial deals for everything from coffee to household appliances.

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