[Info] Kim Jaeuck arrived HK today for "Kim Jaeuck & walrus '4 in Love with HK 2011'" Fanmeeting!

Kim Jaeuck & his 3 bandmates at walrus, including Kim Tai Hyun, Yang Shiwon and Yu Seung Beom, arrived Hong Kong today for their 1st fanmeeting scheduled on April 2 at 7pm at Rotunda 3, KITEC. Close to a hundred devoted and savvy fans of Kim Jaeuck lined up at the arrival hall of HK airport, yelling and waving their banners to welcome Kim Jaeuck and the walrus members. In addition to fans from Hong Kong, fans from the mainland China and the other Asian countries, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Korea also gathered at the airport to greet their beloved artist. Kim Jaeuck's flight arrived Hong Kong as scheduled.

Staff members in Hong Kong said, “It has been a long-awaited day for fans of Kim Jaeuck! Fans arrived early in the airport so as to get the best position to see Kim Jaeuck and take picture on him and his walrus band mates.”

As soon as they walked out to the arrival hall, fans reprsentatives presented flowers to Kim Jaeuck and every walrus member. Kim Jaeuck left fans an excellent impression by letting them take pictures. He also thanked the fans with a sincere and friendly smile.

He also said, “It is the first official fan meeting of Kim Jaeuck & walrus in Hong Kong. We have prepared great performance in order to thank for the unwavering support and love of fans to us! We are going to rock everyone who comes to our fan meeting!”

April 2 is also the 28th birthday of Kim Jaeuck. What makes this day special as it will be his first time to celebrate his birthday with fans in an overseas country.