[Article] Hyeon Bin vs Lee Seung-gi in checks.. who wear it better?

[Dispatch] Checks look good on anyone. It has a wide variety of patterns and color making it easy to style. For these resons, check are being loved all throughout the 4 seasons.

'Men of the generation' Hyeon Bin and Lee Seung-gi wore the same checked jackets. Hyeon Bin wore it in the 48th issue of "High Cut" and Lee Seung-gi in the SBS TV program "Kang Heart". How are their styles? We looked into the two who wore the same item at different locations.

What item?: The jacket Hyeon Bin and Lee Seung-gi wore is a fresh DSquared2 2011 Spring / Summer item by the Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Cayden. This Scottish looking black and red checkered jacket costs 3.87 million won.

Hyeon Bin?: This jacket made Hyeon Bin shine even in the night of Berlin. He wore this jacket at the last photo shoot he did before he joined the army during the Berlin International Movie Awards. He made the jacket stand out on top of a white shirt. He also had volume in his hair looking like James Dean.

Lee Seung-gi?: Lee Seung-gi looked like a sophisticated college boy. He matched a white shirt, the same brand as the jacket and dark denim pants with the jacket, looking casual. His model student look was completed with a neatly styled outfit and neat hair.

Same outfit different feeling: Hyeon Bin and Lee Seung-gi wore the jacket according to their situation and atmosphere respectively. Hyeon Bin, who chose the jacket as a photo shoot item, managed to wear it off like it was his. He wore it well enough to say he was ready to step on the red carpet at any moment.

Lee Seung-gi showed the best example of a casual jacket and T-shirt. He simply wore it without a big mess. One flaw to be pointed out is the printed T-shirt with the checkered jacket that made it look distracting. It would've looked much neater if he had worn a plain inner wear.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

Translated by: www.hancinema.net