“4 in Love with Kim Jaeuck & walrus” in HK on April 2!

Kim Jaeuck and his 3 walrus members Kim Tae Hyun (drummer), Yoo Seung Beom (guitarist) and Yang Shi Won (bass guitarist) have successfully completed their first fan meeting titled ‘4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011’ on April 2.

In addition to devoted supporters of Kim Jaeuck in Hong Kong, fans from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand and even Canada attended the event and enjoyed the wonderful Rock N’Roll night with their beloved idol.

Kim Jaeuck and his walrus band mates unveiled the event by singing “Lady Madonna” of Beatles, followed by “Yesterday” of the Carpenters and the title song “Seoul Witch” in their 1st single album. They also shared the footages of various characters played by Jaeuck in “Bad Guy”, “Coffee Prince” and “Mary Stayed Out All Night”, etc.

Cyrus Chow, who hosts of a number of popular TV shows in HK, was invited to be the event MC. He asked Jaeuck and walrus members about their music life, as well as talked about their feelings towards fans and 1st visit to Hong Kong.

Every fan attending the event was asked to write a question for Jaeuck and walrus. Five lucky fans were drawn randomly and had the opportunity to ask the question directly to Jaeuck and walrus members on stage. Questions such as “Do you have someone to get marry now?”, “Which type of girl do you like most?” and “Who is the most handsome guy amongst walrus members?”, “Have you ever fallen in love with the same girl? How do you resolve this?”, etc were asked by fans!

Jaeuck said he likes the girl who loves him crazily while Tae Hyun said his ideal girl should be slimmer and richer than him and of course pretty! While Shi Won would love a girl who is very much alike his mother! When asking about who is the most handsome guy amongst themselves, Tae Hyun raised his hand immediately and said “He is”. Can you imagine Tae Hyun is such an adorable guy before the fan meeting? After the Q&A, the five lucky fans took a Polaroid photo with walrus on stage. All the fans were so envy of the five lucky ladies who had such a rare chance to interact with Jaeuck and walrus!

April 2 is not only the date of their 1st Hong Kong Fanmeeting, but also the 28th birthday of Jaeuck! A birthday cake with his favorite cartoon character ‘Chopper’ in “Rocker” style was prepared and fans were so lucky enough to have the chance to celebrate his birthday and share the meaningful night together with Jaeuck. They sang him the birthday song in both Korean and English and all wish Jaeuck a very happy birthday. Jaeuck made a birthday wish to wish himself and everyone good health!

Following the birthday celebration, another video featuring Jaeuck and the 3 walrus members practising and chatting in the band room was shown.

Another session of ‘Hot’ performance came right after the video! Jaeuck said though he cannot speak English really well, he hopes he can share his views, feelings and passion through music and songs. Then, the walrus band performed few more rock songs including “Helter Skelter” of Beatles, “Cigarette & Alchole” of Oasis, “Breed” of Nirvana and the other 2 songs “Mozaic” and “To Be” from their 1st single album. They rocked all fans into the avid moment throughout the night!

Jaeuck and walrus ended their 1st fan meeting by singing the encore song “I Am the Walrus”. Before he left the stage, he gave all fans a big surprise by jumping down from the stage and walked to the fans who already went crazy. He shook hands with fans in the front and grabbed the camera from a fan and took picture on her!

“Jaeuck & walrus 4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011” has brought all the fans an exceptional Rock N’Roll experience. April 2 was truly a memorable night for everyone as we can strongly feel the passion and music of walrus throughout the show. We hope Jaeuck and his band mates at walrus will come to Hong Kong more often. Let’s rock and continue to support to the music ventures of Kim Jaeuck and walrus!