[Picture] What happen to Dalmatian's Daniel after eating "Ramyeon' late at night?

In the afternoon, Daniel from Boyband "Dalmatian" tweeted a picture of him.
Along with the picture, he wrote, "Ah yesterday after I ate Ramyeon.. "

What's interesting is that he edited the picture so that he looks fat in it.
Looking at the picture, he have fat cheeks and also double chins.
Looks like he love to edit pictures as it's not the first time he edited pictures like this.

After looking at the picture, fans were commenting, "whatever shape you are in, we still love you", "you look so cute even when you're fat!"

What do you think? Would you still love Daniel if he looks fat? Hehe

Credits: weredalmates & dmtn_danieLA @ twitter
Posted & edited by vannie@dkpopnews