[NEWS]Fans issue dissatisfaction on KBS treatment for Big Bang appearance on Music Bank

BIGBANG has appeared on KBS2 TV ‘Music Back’ and has captured 1st spot on the chart. Due to the conflicts with KBS, BIGBANG did not appear on last week’s Music Bank but they still managed to get 1st spot on the chart.

YG Entertainment has to fight with the channel to get more performance for them although their album has already had good results in the sales. They finally decided to appear on Music Bank on 11th which has aroused the fans' expectation.

However, the lack of special comeback stage for ‘Tonight’ has stirred fans anger. BIGBANG has won with a great competitive edge making it as 2 consecutive win. The comeback performance has been broadcasted on nationwide. This award also marked their 5th Mutizen after their comeback.

However, despite BIGBANG’s winning, the fans of BIGBANG complained on the online forum about how Music Bank manipulated the scores. They said that the scores announced are relatively lower than the real scores.

In fact on 11th of March, according to ‘Gaon Chart’ (from 27th February to 5th March), ‘Tonight’ has already acquired a total number of 3361133 hits for downloads and streams. This data is collected from 5 major charts in Korea showbiz namely Mnet, Bugs, Melon, Dosirak and Soribada.

The fans have also fired dissatisfaction about the problem of equality since other singers enjoy a two-song comeback stage but BIGBANG can only perform one song. Moreover, they also commented about the lightings which were too dark for them to see the faces of the dancers and BIGBANG members clearly.

They commented that ‘It was the worst stage ever'. Fans further elaborated, ‘Then it is the treatment that BIGBANG received for their appearance on Music Bank’.‘In the future, when Music Bank says they want a game of fairness, you just cannot take it seriously.’

Anoher commented, ‘It is said that in order to be fair, BIGBANG has to come back with 1 song but there are singers who do it with 2songs.' And ‘I hope BIGBANG will not appear on Music Bank again.’ ‘You do not broadcast how you count the scores. That’s why I cannot trust your system.' ‘ You hide your calculating method’.

Source: Hankuk News
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates