[NEWS]Dongjun's mum: "Everything's short!"

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ZE:A Dongjun's mother's confesses that "my son's nose is short, everything is short"

ZE:A Kim Dongjun's mother caused laughter when she honestly admitted to her son's body size. She made her first TV appearance on MBC family variety program 'Bouquet' on 6 March.

On that day, Kim Dongjun's mother, while acknowledging that her son looks like Han Ga-In, also expressed her frustration at his short height. She said that "(Dongjun) wanted to be a soccer athlete, but due to heredity reasons, he had to give up. Because he's short.", causing uproarious laughter. But the MC said, "That is why Dongjun won first place in the Idol Athletic Championships. He's strong at short things."

At those words, Dongjun's mother elaborated and confessed about her son's body characteristics. "If you look at him, his nose is short. Everything is short." At that, fellow group member commented, "I made it long...", causing laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim Dongjun's mother revealed her honest opinions that leader Moon Junyoung caught her eye more than her own child, and that based on looks, Hwang Kwanghee looked the most normal, and rather aged.

Source: Newsen
Translations credit: skipfire @ Empire Children