[News] Zhang Liyin prepares to record new Korean and Chinese song

There have been many rumors regarding Zhang Liyin’s comeback since late last year and fans have been on the edges of their seats, waiting to hear an official comeback news. Last October, a source close to the vocalist said that Zhang Liyin had received her next single and was practicing for it. In addition, the source said that Zhang Liyin would be making her comeback in February 2011 with a mini-album.

However, February has come and gone, and no sign of new material from Zhang Liyin or comeback announcements for either the Korean or Chinese music scene has been announced. Zhang Liyin also posted she would hopefully start recording in December when she first joined Weibo.

It seems that after much setbacks, Zhang Liyin will finally enter the recording studio! She updated her Weibo on March 7th and said, “Recently been preparing to record, this time Korean version and Chinese version are recorded together, just finished recording the first song, March will start to be busy!”

She also gives advice to her fans for good skin care, “Tell you guys a secret for good skin care! Eat a few jujube everyday, can help skin become rosy and shiny looking, slows down aging!”

Now that we know she’s finally preparing to go into the recording studio, are you getting more excited for her impending comeback? What concept do you think she will have, if any?

Source: Chocolyn
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