[News] Which Idol Have the Sexiest Beard?

For men everywhere, this style is a must. Idols wear them with a milky skin tone reflecting their youthful appearance yet masculine charm. Many women find it attractive as the image is fairy-tale-prince-like! From the unshaven idols we’ve seen in Korea, who rocked the scruffy look the best?
MBLAQ’s G.O exhibited the typical ‘idol beard.’ In the early start of MBLAQ, his upper lip hair was seen throughout their broadcast. Minus the beard and a more youthful appearance is shown. Many believe that he looks better with his beard! Do you agree?

Korean actor Eric began acting with a beard and became a well-mated example of how to look ‘dandy’ with lip hair.

Big Bang’s Taeyang is known for his charming vocals and good dancing skills. His image is suitable for the ‘beard item.’ When he smiles, he flaunts an endless charismatic youthful appearance on stage, but with a beard it’s exemplified!

GOD’s youngest member Kim Taewoo is very tall with a muscular physic. He can’t remove his beard now. It has become his trademark!

With Nichkhun’s adorable looks, he has secured many female fans. With his glowing youthfulness, netizens thought facial hair may spoil his image!

The appearance of Seulong’s beard is not commonly seen. From his past photos posted on his Twitter, the beard could possibly be a look for him! What looks better for his young age?

Super Junior member Kim Heechul’s photos of him with a beard was a topic among netizens. Unusual to his more girlie image, his bearded face showed a whole new side of Heechul that female fans enjoyed!

Shindong’s selca of his stache showed of his more older style. Fans were persuaded that he was now considered an ‘ahjusshi’ after this look!

Who do you think had the best beard?

Source: Sports Chosun Intern
Reporter Park So Young via Nate News

Translated by nisaxo@gokpop.com