[News] WGM Seohyun and Yonghwa Couple Already Come To Its End!

For the past months we have received such questions like "When will Seohyun and Yonghwa's last episode air?", "Is this their last episode?" and so on and so forth...

Sadly we have an answer to that now as the producers of the show "We Got Married" have confirmed their departure by saying:

"Everything has an end. We have been carefully discussing about their leave with their agencies for a while now, it was a tough decision. In contrary to all the reports, we have not yet filmed their ending, it will be recorded sometime next month and it will be made as beautiful as possible to show what the couple wants."

They have been on the show since February 27, 2010, it has been over a year and with their upcoming hectic schedules, Seohyun preparing for SNSD's Japanese promotions of "Mr. Taxi" and "Run Devil Run" single, Yonghwa preparing for his upcoming drama titled as "Festival" as well as C.N Blue's comeback, I guess this is really inevitable.