[News] T.O.P’s pre debut appearance in “I Do” MV

Presumably many years ago, Korean singer and vocal teacher The One featured Big Bang’s T.O.P in his music video for the heart-wrenching ballad” I Do”. This is not a widely known fact not only because the video was shot out of the Big Bang era but also because T.O.P is almost unrecognizable in his cameo. Sporting a prickly hedgehog hairstyle, T.O.P also looks many years younger and significantly chubbier. One thing’s for sure—T.O.P is the perfect example of an ugly duckling turned into a beautiful, majestic swan. Here’s an excerpt extracted from sportsseoul reporting this “phenomenon”, as well as the forementioned video. T.O.P appears in 1:50.

“Celebrity’s past…ashamed? NO! a fresh look“

Although somewhat embarrasing, big stars from nowadays were still full of talent and with attractive appearances in the past. Various CFs, music videos, dramas and movies from the past were watched to find the hidden freshness of these stars.

Fans are quite surprised to see the different image from these stars but since early in their rookie days they noticed there was a star inside of them.

TOP from Big Bang appeared for a bit in The One’s music video “I DO” along with actress Han Ga In and actor Im Ju Hwan. Although in TOP’s chubby face his charisma cannot be found anywhere, his intense eyes in the brief encounter with Han Ga In in the subway stand out.

Here’s a picture of T.O.P now, just for kicks.

Source: sportsseoul

Credit & Translation: ibigbang

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