[News] Rapper Crown J Once Again In Trouble? This Time Assaulting His Manager!

Rapper Crown J is currently being detained in the Seoul KyungNam Precinct for assaulting his manager and forcibly obtaining legal financial documents.|

The situation seems to be that Crown J was trying to start his own entertainment agency and took out a loan worth 200 million Won (~$180,000) with his manager as the co-signer. Crown J and his manager decided to meet up In order to talk about repaying the loans last August 29th.

That night, Crown J and three of his friends allegedly assaulted Crown J's manager at a coffee shop, causing him to have a concussion. On the same night, he allegedly forcibly obtained papers indicating transferral of a yacht worth 100million Won (~$90,000) and made his manager rewrite contracts regarding loans payments.

However, Crown J has said that "Though I did take him in my car, I did not assault him, and I did not force him to write anything."

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