[News] Project Runway Korea host Sora Lee wants to be the 5th member of 2NE1

Sora Lee the host of Project Runway Korea 3 said, “I want to be a member of 2NE1.”

Sora Lee made a surprising confession on ‘Project Runway Korea 3’ which was aired on Saturday March 12th.

“Please accept me as the 5th member of 2NE1,” Sora Lee said to CL of 2NE1 who came as a guest judge that day.

She then sang and danced to the song ‘Fire’ in front of CL making the staffs and judges including designer Kim Seuk-One, and editor Mi-Young Jeong burst into laughter by the sight of Sora Lee. This was unexpected because she usually showed a cold and charismatic image on tv.

“(You’re) always welcome,” CL responded with a smile.

Performing like this was her way of showing that she cares for CL, who seemed nervous being in an unfamiliar environment. CL looked uncomfortable and nervous without her group members and to make the tense atmosphere more comfortable Sora Lee made a joke.

In fact, after that, CL was able to judge with comfort and ease.

“I was so happy when I heard CL was coming on Project Runway as a guest judge because I’m a fan of 2NE1.” Sora Lee said. “CL is young, but she is mature. She also has good manners and has an extraordinary sense of fashion,” Sora Lee said praising CL.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110310n18234
Translated by: Seohyun96@clthebaddestfemale//Edited by: sieljjang@clthebaddestfemale

Note: Sora Lee is a famous Korean Supermodel and fledgling actress.