[News] Noh Lee Young will soon start activities with After School

After Schools newest member Noh Lee Young is earnest to begin her promotions with the group. After making her debut late last year Noh Lee Young hasn’t been seen much except for one picture released by Pledis entertainment. Luckily her pre debut pictures and videos of her playing the guitar has kept fans interested and craving for updates. Fans can now relax now that Noh Lee Young is confirmed to have full-scale involvement in After School’s Japanese activities.
After School has collaborated with one of Japans biggest singers Namie Amuro on the song ‘Make it Happen’ and showed off an addictive dance in the music video. After seeing the video Noh Lee Young who is described as having a “childlike, feminine appearance, with a fresh charm”, has many people excited to see her on stage again. Her official group activity is expected to start on March 5th when After School will perform at the ‘Tokyo Girls Collection’ event which is airing live on youtube.

Source: Star
Credit + blurb: AfterSchoolDaze