[News] No immediate action for now but E-Tribe to approach case calmly about the plagiarism controversy

On March 21st, E-Tribe’s Ahn Myungwon updated Star News through a telephone interview about the plagiarism controversy involving Lady Gaga’s new song ‘Born This Way’.
Ahn Myungwon said, “The plagiarism allegation had been brought up by many people and it can be seen everywhere. However, we have no immediate plans on this. Honestly, the flow and arrangement of the songs are similar. I have since talked and gathered opinions from fellow experts. There were divided opinions on this as there were intricate portions of the song that make it difficult to support the allegation. Thus, we plan to respond to this matter calmly”.
However, as this is a major allegation, time is needed to carefully assess and confirm the case. Ahn added, “My opinion has not changed. I still think that Gaga’s new song is similar to mine. I will take my time and a step-by-step approach to assess this problem”.
Credit: mtstarnews.co.kr
Translated by: fanwonder