[News] MBLAQ ''Activities with 4 members without Mir were very empty''

MBLAQ released their first full album 1 year and 2 months after their debut, and showed off their best work as chic idols with 'Stay' and 'Cry'.

This full album holds a special meaning to MBLAQ because it was their first work without singer Rain's participation and the members put in a lot of effort right from the early stages. As a result, they succeeded to imprint their own colours in the public's eye.

MBLAQ completed their promotional activities on SBS Inkigayo yesterday on the 20th, and now they will a new journey to search for the music style that is unique to MBLAQ.

Activities with 4 members due to Mir's back injury. What was the most different?
Firstly, a difference could be seen in our outward appearance. This made the biggest difference. We felt very empty because we had to change the formation flow for 5 members to 4 members. I miss Mir. (Seungho)

What was the biggest priority in this album?
We were very careful with a lot of things because it is a full length album. We wanted to show our musical colours wtihout a doubt, so our members were very involved in writing lyrics, composing, and more. We are very proud and satisfied with everything. (G.O)

Do you have any regrets as your were wrapping up your activities?
I don't think we have any significant regrets. Although looking at our music chart rankings and such it appeared as if we could approach closer to the public, but the members have absolutely no regrets because we are personally pleased to release this album. (G.O)

Looks like the charismatic and masculine MBLAQ stands out now compared to the cute and lovable MBLAQ.
Our existing songs were produced by others rather than our own self-composed songs. So, we felt that we should perform songs we've personally worked on to show MBLAQ's own colours. We were also very involved in the production. The cute concept was something we worked hard to portray various colours. However, we felt that MBLAQ is the strongest and best on stage when we portray a masculine and strong image. Although we don't know what image we will show in the future, but I think the transformation will inform emotional growth and change in personality? (G.O)

MBLAQ's charm honest and non-innocent image. Don't you think that the mystery surrounding idols will be missing with this kinda of image?
We've been portraying this image ever since we debuted. We've also had problems because we were too honest. I think even if you try to cover up and act innocent on screen, your true nature will be revealed eventually. I also think that the public will be uncomfortable if you don't show your true personality. (G.O)

When I was younger, I always thought that whatever I saw on TV was a lie. I'm a person who hates lying, so I want to show an honest heart. If I have to watch out for my image, I don't think I can do it. (Seungho)

Who is the most attractive member as a guy?
We all have something we envy each other for. For Seungho's case, his determination. If he thinks something is right, his strength is that he will push for it all the way. Joon has a smooth charm to make his girlfriends comfortable. He also has a bit of a clumsy personality but that is also his other charm. Thunder is the member with the cutest charm, umm.. as for Mir, I'm not sure. No. Mir's charm is his wit and sense? (G.O)

The member who is the most sensitive about his own news articles.
It's Mir. Mir creates stories on his own for news and then worries and stresses about it. He has a habit of getting very worked up over events. Many times he called us up and asked us out of curiosity when his name occassionally appeared as one of the top-searched keywords on the Internet. (Seungho)

Music MBLAQ pursues.
I don't think there is a specific genre that is unique as MBLAQ and our colour yet at the moment. So, our first target is to achieve that image. Also, we want to make music that will make people think of MBLAQ upon hearing.

Imagine yourself within 10 years.
When I'm 35 years old, I think I will promote an album that is completely produced on my own. I believe this could happen even before I turn 35. I will date freely, be comfortable in my music and go on vacations. If I meet a woman I love, I also want to get married. (G.O)

I would have achieved all my dreams. My dream is to become a producer and a young father in my 20's but I think it is a bit too late to become a father now. After MBLAQ secures a strong position in 5 years' time, I will enroll into the army, fulfill my army duties, get married at 33 years old, and have a son before I hit middle age. (Seungho)

I'm not too sure but I think I will be studying acting or working harder in my music. (Lee Joon)

I think I will just be a free person. Someone who does whatever I want? (Thunder)

SOURCE: TV Daily via Nate