[News] MBC’s sitcom “All My Love” receives an extension

Due to the steady popularity of MBC’s sitcom “All My Love“, the producers have decided to extend the series.

On March 15th, a program representative expressed, “We have decided to extend ‘All My Love’ to continue until mid-September. We are planning to shoot just a little over 200 episodes.”

“All My Love” started airing in November of last year, and it was originally planned to air until May with roughly 120 episodes. The show features beloved acting veterans like Kim Kab Soo, Park Mi Sun, Kim Young Ok, and Jung Ho Bin, as well as youthful idol stars like Jo Kwon, Ga-In, Yoong Seung Ah, Yoon Doo Joon, and Kim Na Young.

On the other hand, actor Jin Yi Han (who has recently replaced Jun Tae Soo), will have his first appearance on March 18th.

Source: Star News via Nate
Credits: iAM