[News] Luna Cried at the Sight of Kang Hodong

f(x) Luna recently guest-starred on an episode of “Strong Heart”

She confessed on an episode of “Strong Heart” to be aired on the 29th that she once cried because of Kang Hodong.

Luna said, “After my debut, I went on my first variety show, Star King. While there, I heard stories that if Kang Hodong makes you upset, just brush it off.”, surprising MC Kang Hodong.

Continuing on, Luna added, “I was extremely nervous when I went for recording. Then after recording, Kang Hodong wanted to meet me privately. I almost cried because I thought I was going to hear bitter words.”

Sure enough, it was revealed that later, Luna couldn’t take it and bawled.

Credits: tvreport.co.kr

Photo Credits: tvreport.co.kr

Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang