[News] A-List Couple Hyunbin and Song Hye Kyo Already In A Splitsville Situation!

It's official! A-list couple Hyunbin and Song Hye-gyo have called it quits.

According to representatives of both stars on March 8th, the two split up early this year, after first meeting on the set of the drama "The World We Live In" in 2008. Since getting together, the two have been caught up in series of the same rumor: that they broke up. These rumors have been denied time after time until now; the day after Hyunbin started his mandatory military service.

An insider reported that there were reports of the couple having broken up even while they were very much together. Thus the stars had even gotten hurt by such false rumors. However, with Hyunbin becoming busier with his filming the hit drama "Secret Garden", the two weren't able to see each other as much and eventually ended the relationship.

So if it's been months since splitsville, why only announce it now? Reps from Hyunbin's side said that they didn't want the actor's remaining time before entering the marine corps or even his acting projects before then to be overshadowed by his personal life. This is why they've held off on announcing the news until after he wrapped up his final promotions and appearances before the draft.

Hyunbin and Song both asked for the public's understanding on not releasing this bit of news until now. They promised their fans that they would each continue to do all that they could to show them their very best.

Hyunbin will remain low-key for the next two years until he finishes his service, while Song is currently filming the movie "Today", directed by Lee Jung-hyang.

Source:KBS Global