[News] Lee Soo Man, Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Seok captured top 3 spots on 'Korea Pop Music Power Top 100'

The president of SME, Lee Soo Man, together with the presidents of JYP and YGE, Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Seok captured Top 3 spots on ‘Korea Pop Music Power Top 100’.
The Culture Planning Group collaborated with a publishing company to publish the 2nd issue of ‘Pop Music SOUND’ magazine which features a survey result of ‘Korea Pop Music Power Top 100’.
In 2007, the group has published a survey entitled, ‘Top 100 albums in Korea’. The list was made together with the press and music industry professionals. The celebrities listed in ‘Korea Pop Music Power Top 100’ was chosen based on poll, together with representatives from different institutions and media.
There were a total of 86 experts involved in the selection process and they were from different fields such as music critics, journalists, TV programme reporters, musicians, songs producers, and others.
The music industry is dominated by giant entertainment companies
The Top 3 spots of the chart are claimed by the presidents of the three entertainment companies. A staff said, “Lee Soo Man, Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Seok’ are making the mainstream pop music for contemporary South Korea.”
He further elaborated, “In mid 90’s, there was a need for the entertainment companies who can connect the music industry with the broadcasting companies. The pop music of nowadays is well received because the presidents of these entertainment companies have come to term in collaborating with broadcasting stations.”
Singers Seo Taiji, Sin Joong Hyun and Jo Yong Pil captured the 5th, 7th and 8th spots.
In the survey, Seo Taiji is ranked 5th, when Shin Joong Hyun and Jo Yong Pil rank 7th and 8th. Regarding the ranking of idols, SNSD captured the 14th spot, followed by BIGBANG at 28th spot. Below them are DBSK (70th), 2NE1 (80th), BOA (92nd) just to name a few.

Source: dez @ DC2NE1 & Union Press
Article Translation by: Rice @ bigbangupdates