[News] Kim Shin Young gives 2AM’s Jinwoon a Surprise Kiss on ‘100 Points out of 100′

On a recent episode of KBS’s ‘100 Points out of 100,’ comedian and MC Kim Shin Young planted a kiss on 2AM’s Jinwoon.

In the programme, Kim Shin Young, showing affection for 2AM's Maknae and participated in a skit together.

When they began, Jinwoon performed "Can't let you go even if i die", wooing Kim Shin Young, acting like the lyrics, not wanting the girlfriend to leave him. Jinwoon was so immersed that he even got down on his knees.

However, at this moment, Kim Shin young took the opportunity and surprised him with a kiss! Jinwoon tried to dodge it but he failed.
After the kiss, he jokingly said, "i'm gonna sue you!" which made a lot of people laughed.

Stay tuned to "100 points out of 100 points" for more information about this episode!

Source: Yahoo!Korea