[News] Kahi ''I want to show a new Kahi to everyone''

For the past eight months before Kahi’s solo debut she received vocal training everyday to polish and achieve abrasive vocals. After the sucess of After School’s hit song ‘Bang!’ and their powerful concept Kahi wanted to debut with something different. Kahi chose songs and eye catching stage costumes that highlighted a feminine style. When asked abut this new look Kahi replied, “The image I have is a strong and charismatic one…If I put out a solo record with the same image and didn’t seem to be challenging myself and trying something new I faced the possibility of decreasing my first impression as a solo artist…With this solo album I did not want to show the obvious appearance.”
“My first focus was on vocals and of course, the choreography and stage production. I was also worried about the Music video among other things. What made me the most nervous was the live stage…”
Kahi also spoke about an artist she respects a lot and gets inspiration from:
“Beyonce always has  messages of respect for women and puts them in a lot of her songs. She is sexy, her vocals and stage performances are all points that I like. I like that Beyonce represents the position of women in a lot of songs with good messages, this is something I also want to sing.”
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Source + blurb: AfterSchoolDaze