[News] JYJ Thanked Fans For The Fan-Run Internet Broadcasting Station

Towards the fans who set up an internet broadcasting station dedicated to them, male group JYJ expressed their gratitude.

Yesterday on March 3rd at 20:00 JYJ’s Korean fans launched their internet broadcasting station for the first time. The website got such hot reaction as so many fans connected at the same time thus put the server paralyzed.

This JYJ internet station that is created by fans as expected is not an official website. However JYJ official revealed that JYJ members indeed notice about this project through a phone call with Star News on Tuesday afternoon, he said, “We fully notice that fans made their own capital investments (to build the station). In fact, JYJ members are also aware of this matter, they’re really grateful for the love of all fans,”

Furthermore, “However if we recognize this internet broadcasting station dedicated to JYJ, ‘iloveJYJ’ as an official station, it will lose its genuineness. We want to preserve this fansite as a website that is created by fans due to their pure love.”

credit: star-mt.co.kr
trans: sharingyoochun.net