[News] JYJ Kim Junsu, Driver Instinct? “Oppa, you’re trying to drive?”

Group JYJ’s member Kim Junsu attracted a lot of attention boasting about his driver instinct.

Kim Junsu, on 22 March, at his own twitter mentioned, “It’s been a long time since I took the driver seat. ^^ I very much like to drive.” and even posted a picture along with it.

From the picture, he is wearing his sunglasses and put on a cynical smile, seemingly like a driver who’s speeding up ahead.

And, in another photo, with a cute V pose of an appeal not like that of an idol , they were smiling heartily.

Netizens who come across the photo made comments like, “Oppa, is today your rest day?”, “mischievous boy, Kim Junsu!”, “Car Parking Attendent, let’s go~”

credit: TVDaily
trans by: InHye87

Taken out @Sharingyoochun.net