[News] IU, Jiyeon and Luna to appear on MBC ‘Come to Play’

Three ladies from the “‘93-line” will be appearing on MBC’s ‘Yoo Jae Suk & Kim Won Hee’s Come to Play‘.

The episode saw the three girls share an interesting fact about how they are best friends within the industry. The girls were joined by other celebrities who hilariously claimed to be their ‘uncle-fans’. Kim Tae Woo (who IU’s been a fan of ever since she was little), K.Will, B2ST’s Doojoon, and regular panelist Lee Ha Neul (of DJ DOC fame) all confessed that they were ‘uncle fans’.

This episode is sure to be a fun one, so don’t miss it when it airs on March 14th!

Source: Newsen

(Source: luv-iu)