[News] IU and Wooyoung – A Real Couple?

2PM‘s Wooyoung and soloist IU recently finished acting for the popular drama, Dream High. Both idols were cast as two characters who were in love with each other. As the drama ended, many fans wished to see the two together again. Their wishes may lead to reality, with both hinting about their recent “dates.”

On the 1st, KBS2 held the Dream High Special Concert, where actors and idols gathered to showcase their talents in singing and dancing. The Masters of Ceremonies for the night was Kim Tae Woo andPark Kyung Lim.

One of the segments of the night was “story sharing,” where the cast shared their personal experiences. When it was IU and Wooyoung’s turn to share their experiences, many were shocked.

Park Kyung Lim asked IU:

I have heard that you and Wooyoung have been going out together to family restaurants?

Suzy chimed in with:

I never knew this?

At Suzy’s remark, Wooyoung replied:

We just ate casually. Since we record till midnight, and since I’m the oppa, I offered her something to eat.

With that, IU said:

Since being with Wooyoung is sort of awkward, during the moments of eating, I never looked up and just ate and ate. Wooyoung oppa then said that I had to promised to buy him some lunch sometime in the future.

Kim Tae Woo, snatched up the chance, laughed and said:

You guys are just promising each other so that you could meet again and again.

IU replied with:

That’s why I’m going to get him some food during breaks. Once we went, I got worried because he ate a lot, but he comforted me by saying that he had already paid for it.

What do you guys think? Are they a real couple, or not? They certainly would be cute together!

S + P: Nate