[NEWS] Infinite's SungJong's waist is only 24 inches!

Infinite’s member Sungjong revealed his waist size to be 24 inches. 

In appearing on SBS “Strong Heart” which aired on the 29th, Sungjong spoke up about his feminine image as he said, “My waist is 24 inches,” leaving the others to stare at him in shock.

Jung Juri commented, “But my waist size is 28 inches,” showing her shock and slight regret in revealing it later on.

Sungjong said, “Before, I didn’t need to shave since I didn’t grow any facial hair and it was convenient, but now that I’m in high school, I see the changes in my body” and “I shave once every month.”

Sungjong even revealed how he received a confession from a guy after being misunderstood for a girl.

Sungjong confessed, “I went to school and I received a love confession from a male senior of mine who misunderstood me for a girl” and “I didn’t want to leave him in shock, so I left the scene.” 

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