[News] Five Member Group H.O.T. Re-United After Seven Years!

The five-member group H.O.T, which had disbanded in 2001, gathered in front of the 28th Army division located in Dongducheon Si, Gyeonggi-Do to celebrate member Lee Jae Won's military discharge.
It has been seven years in 2004 when all five members had come together for SBS's hand printing event entitled "Star's Hall of Fame." Lee Jae Won was the last member who completed his military duty.

Member Jang Woo Hyuk said while showing off their friendship, "Lee Jae Won has gone through many difficulties in the army, so I want you to keep showing your continued love towards him when he holds his activities as a singer. We will go to a Chinese restaurant to have jajangmyeon, which Jae Won has wanted to eat the most until this moment." Another member, Tony Ahn, introduced Lee Jae Won's future activities, saying, "I just released my own album and Woo Hyuk's album is now in preparation and will be released very soon. Jae Won will also prepare his own album very diligently from now on and he may begin his activities at around the end of this year."

The military camp area where the military discharge ceremony was held was completely filled with around 500 fans who came to the camp to see Lee Jae Won and other H.O.T members. Fans were waving white balloons, which symbolize H.O.T, to celebrate Lee Jae Won's discharge, and they were all busy taking pictures of the five H.O.T members, who had gathered again after such a long time. They reportedly decided to gather together because of a suggestion by Moon Hee Jun and Jang Woo Hyuk, and the other members all agreed to the gathering. Lee Jae Won said, “I really thank my fans who had come to see me when I had entered the military camp and came to see me again today to celebrate my military discharge. I also hope that all our members can appear on the same stage together this year.”

Source:KBS Global