[News] Dalshabet & Han Groo, group DalGroo was formed?

Han Groo and Dalshabet's sweet selca has attracted the public and was a big topic online.

Recently, Han Groo and Dalshabet's photo together has been released in the online community. In the photo, Han Groo's atmosphere seems like she's a Dalshabet member.

And their cute doll-like looks caught the eyes of the netizens.

Debuted with the similar period of time, the 'Waiting room alumni' are built into a sincere friendship. With Han Groo's recent comeback, photographs with Dalshabet members are climbed back to the topic.

Netizens who have seen the photo commented and praised for their beauty. "Dolls? Human?", "Dalgroo, I like the name~! I recommend this as a project group!"

source: TVDAILY
posted by: ohdugeun @Dal★shabet LOVE
translated by: ohdugeun @Dal★shabet LOVE