[News] Dalmatian's Daniel mistaken as a "model?" by Lee Yoon Suk on "Qualification of Men"

Dalmatian’s member Daniel faced humiliation from Lee Yoon Suk.

Aired on the 20th, a surprising face made an appearance on the special episode ‘master of ramyun’ in KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday – Qualification of Men.” The face was the six-member group Dalmatian’s vocalist Daniel. Daniel was the only celebrity aside from the members of the “Qualification of Men” team which brought a lot of attention.

However, Lee Yoon Suk, who was also competing with him in the same group, gave humiliation to Daniel, causing a roar of laughter. Upon seeing Daniel, he asked, “Are you a model?” in which Daniel replied, “I’m Daniel of Dalmatian.”

When he heard his answer, Lee Yoon Suk confused it in thinking that he was going to put a Dalmatian in his ramyun cooking. Feeling sympathetic for him, the PD of “Qualification of Men” told him, “He’s a singer. He’s in a group called Dalmatian.” Finally understanding his answer, he quickly apologized in the sea of laughter.

Lee Yoon Suk, who normally is out of the loop when it comes to the incoming hoobaes (like alumnis) in the industry, said, “I was just thinking about ramyun the whole time, so I was shocked in thinking that they put Dalmatian meat in ramyun.”

Meanwhile, Daniel made a ramyun yongole, inspired by yongole pasta, as he gained good reviews for his idea and taste by the judges but Lee Yoon Suk’s yogurt ramyun took the win in advancing to the next round.