[News] Bekah excites fans with her twitter update

Bekah updated her twitter with the selca above. Accompanying the picture was the caption “Hmm … Just waiting: 0)”. In the picture Bekah is seen with her eyes wide open while her mouth is cutely pursed. Some fans feel she looks a little more mature than before. This new mature look combined with her facial expression resulted in an eye-catching appearance. A few fans feel bekah looks “thinner than before…seems a little strange“. While others having quickly gotten used to her ‘new look’ are excited for what they believe is a fresh transformation.
Since Bekah was in Hawaii for two months fans missed her performing with the rest of the After School members. Even though Bekah is now back in South Korea she hasn’t been seen much and has performed with After School only once since her comeback. 
After her twitter update fans uploaded the picture onto various online communities. With After School rumored to release a full album on March 17th before heading to Japan; fans took the “wait” part of Bekah’s tweet as a hint about the groups comeback. Bekah didn’t participate in After School’s promotions for the “Love, Love, Love” single album so fans are eager to hear Bekah in a new song. To show their excitement fans have been leaving comments like “After School I can not wait till you come back!” and “See you soon on stage!”

Source: Chosun + Isplus
Credit + blurb: AfterSchoolDaze