[News] Behind IU's fame, there's a touching story that no one knew

The March 14th broadcast of MBC’s “Come to Play” guest-featured IU, Jiyeon, and Luna, who had performed a special ‘93-line dance of each other’s hit tracks.

Though they were all seen smiling and having fun, the episode revealed that even idol singers possess painful scars from the past. The wildly popular IU, who’s beloved all over Korea, grew up in a household with financial difficulties. She first started by confessing her anxieties over the fleeting nature of popularity. She explained, “People listen to my songs a lot now, after time passes, and if I don’t appear on shows, many people will forget about me... maybe I’ll be better off without the memory of being famous. After my fame goes away, I think I’ll be more lonely.

Then, she shared that during her childhood, her family suffered financial difficulties, so she stayed with her brother, cousin, and grandmother in one home. However, that home was infested with cockroaches, and IU wasn’t able to sleep there, so she moved to another relative’s home.

One day, when she came back from practice and was preparing to go to bed, her relative, who had been drinking, said to his wife, “She still hasn’t left?! Should I act like a cockroach?” He even said, “I’ll become a millionaire before she [IU] becomes a celebrity.

She admitted to feeling hurt and disappointed after hearing this.

When the rest of the cast heard this, they were especially supportive. They encouraged IU, saying, “Because she didn’t lose hope and kept believing in her dream, we’re proud of her,” and “I hope from now on, she can forget the pain and suffering from her past to become a better singer.”

Source: Newsen
Credits: luv-iu