[NEWS] Beast’s Yoseob tells fans “Please maintain your viewing etiquette”

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Beast’s Yoseob asked his fans to maintain their viewing etiquette.

Right now, Yoseob is starring in the musical Gwanghwamun Sonata with his acting sunbaes Song Chang Ui, Yoon Do Hyun and Lisa. He plays the part of Jiyong.

On the 29th of March, Yoseob posted a Tweet, “This is something I must say so I’m posting this. Today I saw a poster with LED lights that showed the words YO SEOB. These words made me feel sorry for the other actors in the musical, I’m embarassed.” He expressed his disappointment towards the actions of fans who did not follow proper viewing etiquette.

He also added, ” I will ask again. To everyone, please follow proper viewing etiquette. Thank you.” , in an attempt to tell fans to maintain the correct attitude and etiquette.

Fans who saw his Twitter post commented, ” Us fans should really maintain our manners.” , “We must take care not to hurt the other actors’ feelings.”

CREDIT : yangting@mybeastyboys