[News] BEAST ''Dance Copying Machine'' Yoseob makes a perfect copy of Ring Ding Dong dance

Beast’s Yoseob showed off his dance skills once again.
On the 26th February broadcast of KBS2TV’S 100 Points Out Of 100, Yoseob once again showed off a copy of Onew from Shinee’s dance Ring Ding Dong perfectly.
Nowadays, Yoseob has the nickname ”Dance Copying Machine”. He can proudly copy dances by different artists in a very short time.
But today the Ring Ding Dong dance had very fast moves and high difficulty, so everyone was very interested to know whether Yoseob would successfully copy it.
Yoseob coolly managed to reproduce the Ring Ding Dong dance after watching Onew do it for about 30 seconds, leaving everyone speechless with surprise.
The other guests praised him by saying that ‘he really is a dance prodigy.’

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