[News] “AML” Jo Kwon’s confession song for White Day, “The Best Of Mine”, became hot topic

Jo Kwon’s passionate confession song “The Best Of Mine” became a hot topic.

On the episode of MBC TV daily sitcom “All My Love” aired on 14th March, Jo Kwon confessed his feelings for Seung Ah on White Day through a song.

Ok Yeob (Jo Kwon) and Seung Ah (Yoon Seung Ah) were asked by Uncle Woo Jin (Yeon Woo Jin) to prepared a White Day event. So they delivered candies to all the girls Woo Jin was fond of.

While on the job, Ok Yeob was also looking out for a chance to confess his feelings to Seung Ah on White Day, to say that he liked her. And when they delivered the last candy, he said “I like you” to Seung Ah and sang “The Best Of Mine” with all his heart.

Ok Yeob’s “The Best Of Mine”, which was sang with the sweet voice of 2AM the vocal group, surely captivated not only Seung Ah, but also all viewers. Viewers left comments such as, “Ok Yeob’s romantic voice made White Day so beautiful”, “I’m looking forward to the development of their relationship”, “Lee Hyun’s ‘The Best Of Mine’ is also suitable for Jo Kwon”.

After the episode aired, Lee Hyun’s “The Best Of Mine” soared to the top of Melon chart and became a hot topic.

TRANSLATIONS by suzelle@IAM for 2AM - 2AM INTERNATIONAL FORUM (www.iamfor2am.com)