[News] 5dolls, "We don't want to be the 'SM Trainee' or 'Little Goo Hara'

Girl groups recently have flooded the music industry. 5dolls were one of them, and able to dazzle fans no matter their age. Soomi (22), Chanmi (19), Hyewon (16), Hyoyoung (18), and the youngest Eunkyo (16) are the 5dolls who aim to get a rookie award this year.

On February 11th, their digital single "Lip Stains" was released. On the 16th, they released their first mini album, "Charming Five Girls" with the title track, "It's You." They're very active on music programs. They caught attention for their powerful and talented live stages and for wearing sneakers and not heels and training suits, not cute outfits.

Leader Soomi said, "I was a bit surprised to see our stage costumes were like normal training outfits. Now we don't have to worry about our costumes. High heeled shoes are not the most comfortable to dance in, but they do have their advantages," she explained.

When asked who the five girls looked up to, they answered with 2NE1. Hyoyoung said, "I want to learn to appear great like 2NE1. Singing and enjoying themselves on stage, the four people are full of charisma and I want to learn to be like that. We're not experienced enough to be compared to them. But if I had to, it would be 65 [out of 100], being generous?" she said modestly.

5dolls' members debuted last year in 2010 as a 11-member mixed group, Coed. Their activities stopped after they were subjected to unfounded rumors. In particular, male member Kangho was photographed in a bar underage.

In response, Soomi said, "Because they got out, you can't get rid of a photo. Even now, we feel wrong after seeing his photos online. There's many people shown in the images, but we and the management know better now. We'll try not to commit this type of mistake again," she admitted as a leader.

With this the members added, "There have been bad comments said about us about rumors with no evidence. But we think that all of this is also attention. So we don't mind if it's compliments or criticism that is given to us." And, "We think that no comments are more scary. Giving hate comments is perfectly fine with us. Just getting the netizen's thoughts is what helps us in our next stage."

Although receiving hateful comments about their looks and faces, they are saddened by netizens who do not call them by their right names. A collection of names were gathered since their debut as 5dolls. Soomi experienced this before in SeeYa, as Soomi was often called the Nam Gyuri replacement, and even when Coed made their debut. Chanmi is often called the former SM Entertainment trainee, Hyewon "Little Goo Hara," former Miss Chunhyang Hyoyoung, and red hair girl Eunkyo.

"We leave those names behind us. Former SeeYa member, Little Goo Hara, SM trainee, Miss Chunhyung, red hair girl and don't want to be called that. We clearly have names..." they said. "Somehow, even joining a new group, it can't be left behind," they said revealing their upset feelings.

When talking about their hopes for 2011, their eyes lit up. 5dolls weren't able to receive a rookie award with Coed, but have "strong aspirations to take a rookie award home. We have confidence. We've had long lives a trainees, and all singer's dream of this happening over time, and because we can dream a dream, it's enough to give us hope."

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel and justastar. @ Core Clique - #1 Source to Coed School